First, those students who are going abroad for higher studies would definitely get the benefit of knowing the English language. In some parts of Asia, like in Thailand where English is a second language, if you are able to speak good English then it is very beneficial for you from the career prospective.
Studying abroad, gives us a practical experience, like, students are doing the job along with their studies. It will reduce their financial pressure and also provides work experience to the students. In this way studying abroad is beneficial in two ways.

Studying abroad provides the all-around development, like, after improving English skills, students find themselves more confident in interacting with anyone. Students can impress their employers with their diversity, broad mindedness and with good communication skills.
If you move abroad, then you will never forget the experience which you get there, along with the friend circle you build

There are so many concerns which everyone needs to think about. First, before moving to abroad need to ensure that the college in which you are taking admission, should be famous
Make the proper inquiry about your visa, when you are in foreign country, always keep in mind about permit limit. It is better to get an education agent. Education agent should be a member of peak body organization in both the countries, in the home country as well as in the country in which you are going.