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Thread: Coronavirus - can we reuse N95 respirator?

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    Default Coronavirus - can we reuse N95 respirator?

    N95 respirators are more effective in protecting yourself against Coronovirus. There is a huge shortage of these masks (or any mask for that matter). Can we reuse N95 masks?

    CDC has good details on this topic It's long and little boring to read thru. I provided relevant data for quick read.

    we can reuse N95, but follow these guidelines:

    • Discard N95 respirators following use during aerosol generating procedures.(this is mainly for medical professionals, not for commoners)
    • Discard N95 respirators contaminated with blood, respiratory or nasal secretions, or other bodily fluids from others
    • Discard N95 respirators following close contact with any patient co-infected with an infectious disease requiring contact precautions.
    • Hang used respirators in a designated storage area or keep them in a clean, breathable container such as a paper bag between uses. To minimize potential cross-contamination, store respirators so that they do not touch each other and the person using the respirator is clearly identified. Storage containers should be disposed of or cleaned regularly.
    • Clean hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after touching or adjusting the respirator (if necessary for comfort or to maintain fit).
    • Avoid touching the inside of the respirator. If inadvertent contact is made with the inside of the respirator, perform hand hygiene as described above.
    • Use a pair of clean (non-sterile) gloves when donning a used N95 respirator and performing a user seal check. Discard gloves after the N95 respirator is donned and any adjustments are made to ensure the respirator is sitting comfortably on your face with a good seal.

    Restrict the reuse to just one person. Meaning that, if you wear N95 today, don't let your family member/friend to reuse that mask. If you notice any of the problem listed above, discard the mask.

    How to wear N95:

    Helpful article about how to wear N95:
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