The case of Salman Khan driving into the American Bakery in Bandra in 2002, had seen this Bollywood actor thrown into a controversial light. So far, we know the incident occurred on the night of 27th September, 2002, resulting in the death of one, and injury to four others. While the case gained a lot of publicity, especially with his so called Bollywood influence, it lead to a surprising acquittal on 10th December 2015, in the verdict given by the Bombay High Court. Salman Khan?s previous verdict of 5 year jail sentence was overturned, and it seemed like he was a free man. However, we saw that on July 5, 2016, the apex court admitted the Maharashtra Government's plea, challenging the Bombay High Court's verdict. Now we hear that the Supreme Court in October 2017 is likely to hear an appeal, filed by Maharashtra Government, challenging the acquittal. It definitely looks like we will be seeing Salman Khan back in the news sooner or later.