Hi guys,

Hope everyone is doing great and it is been a while that i have come to this forum due to my illness.

This is the offer I would like to let you know if you are looking for a brand new way to make money.

This system is operating since 2016 and it's purely based on how many emails you collect - PPL

The newer version is just launched in Feb

I have been working with this program since 2017 and made over $8000+

The concept behind is you'll get paid $4-$8 per lead when someone enters his/her name and email address
Additionally, you'll earn $30+$30= $60 for VIP upgrades.

How you want to start! Are you curious

  • Sign up for the lead capture page
  • Confirm the link to activate your membership.
  • Watch the video and follow 7 steps to activate your Affiliate account
  • Then promote everywhere online

This program was FREE at first due to too many fake emails and account they just closed the free membership.

The good news is that no it's opened the door for VIP member.

I don't want to misguide you but let me put everything stragight to you.

In order to become a Yoonla Elite program, you need to purchase two digital products so that they'll integrate your affilaite lead capture page

You need to purchase getresponse from Yoonla which cost $15/Mo
and then Yahoo webhosting will cost $83/year.

So you'll invest only $97 for this program.

Once you purchase and submit your details and the customer support will integreate everring with your lead capture page.

You'll get a unique lead capture page to promote online.

You can brank even in one day if you collect 30 email address 30*$5=$150/Day.

Are you guys interested! Please let me know.

If you're interested you can read my blog post before you even register.

I'll see on the top.