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    Dear All,

    We’re launching a new contest to promote the “Made in Italy” shoes brand to the entire world! The Italians know they have some of the best shoes in the world, but we want to see how people outside Italy perceive their shoes.

    This contest is promoted by ANCI, the Italian Footwear Manufacturers' Association, which includes more than 750 Italian shoe farms. The slogan by ANCI is “I Love Italian Shoes”. Therefore, it must capture the essence of Italian quality, innovation, design, culture, and history--the values that distinguish Italy’s fashion and way of life.

    The contest is hosted by Zooppa, a space for social advertising through user-generated content.

    The prize is 4000$.

    The competition is now open! You have until February 26 to participate with your ideas! Come to zooppa DOT com and check i-love-italian-shoes brief
    See you soon!

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    zooppa: All the best in conducting the contest successfully!

    I never thought that someone will post another video contest post in this section. I am surprised that this forum is used for video contest promotion by other sites. It's a good thing, our members will get to know more contests like this.

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