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Thread: Returning to India: One family's journey to America and back

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    I personally got good number of emails from NRIs that like this section in this forum. Many NRIs appreciate the discussions going in this forum. I want to thank all the community members for their contribution.

    Keeping that introduction aside, I came across a really wonderful article from Shoba Narayan. She is a great writer. She wrote for Time, Newsweek and Wall Street Journal. She returned back to India in 2005. Read her article here about her experiences, dilemmas, excitements and the realities. I hope that you will enjoy the article. I did.

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    gr8 article. no doubt.

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    Default What your heart wants....

    yep. I read shoba's articles. not this one though. everyone's situation is different, make decision according to your personal preferences. there is no general rule. Americans think that it's so crazy when Indians leave america after getting citizenship. "Why do you want to be our citizen when you don't want to live here??" -- this is the logical question asked by many americans. there is a truth in there. Many immigrants use citizenship as the insurance, buffer, cushion, whatever you call it.'s all boils down to what your heart wants.
    Be Happy. Just Enjoy Your Life!

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    Kamala Kannan

    Default Do not make the mistake

    coming back to India if you have a good job abroad is a mistake. Big Mistake.

    if someone says india is shining all over the place, just slap him. yes, slap him. it's all hype. without any fundamental support. India is more expensive than ever. Only people that are really happy in india are the people that invested in real estate in the last 7 years. you may be uneducated, but if you are real estate developer you mint the money.

    IT guys situation is just pathetic. they get 40k, spend 20k in rent, 10k for car, 10k for groceries, food, cinema, etc., nothing is saved in the month end. people have really bad attitude all over the place. In north, it's worse. people throw the money like there is no tomorrow. if you need to buy pizza, you need to spend the same money you spend in San Jose or Singapore. you rent the apartment, you need to pay obscene amount for a lousy apartment. Unless you have really good reasons, don't think about coming back.

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