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Thread: Huge demand for technical writers in india

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    Default Huge demand for technical writers in india

    Technical writing is the job of Technical Writers also called Documentation Experts.

    Technical Writers author User's Guides, Training Materials, Reports, Proposals, Brochures, Presentations, Demos, and Online Help systems.

    Who needs Technical Writers?

    Who doesn't? Software companies of all shapes and sizes from Microsoft to that start-up around the corner need technical writers to help their users get up and running with their software.

    Remember that online help you used to solve a problem in Microsoft Word?

    It is the creation of a Technical Writer seated in some corner of the world.

    What qualities do I require to become a Technical Writer?

    Only two:

    A head for technical concepts and

    Passion for communication in English

    With these in place, you can pick up any technical writing tool and explain the most complex of software to a lay audience.


    Suitable for both Technical and Non-Technical students.

    Huge demand for Technical Writers in India.

    Integer is a leading documentation service provider in India.

    Continuous requirement of Technical Writers for Integer

    Live Projects

    Hurry! Register Yourself Today @

    Integer Education

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    registered and waiting for the reply

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    I have a query. i am a third year student pursuing an engg degree.May technical writing be taken up as a part time job?If yes, please let me know

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    i think the avularamesh is not active. if he is genuine, he should be active, right?

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    I just tried to register but they want technical writers for just few specific location in south india, no place in North India. So sad.

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    I would recommend NOT going for technical writing jobs.. it is like curbing your power to think.

    There are predefined templates and u just have to fill it with user intende thinking.

    There is actually no technicality required.So if u are someone who wants to use ur brain dont go for it.

    While if u are some1 who wants to do same thing over n over with no mental labour needed... this job is just fr u

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    Its interesting and I too will register for this...

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    After reading the comment by aks I think I would be able for such project, got to go for registration

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