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Thread: The ridiculous salary for elected representatives in India

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    Default The ridiculous salary for elected representatives in India

    Reading through some newspapers letters to the editor, I could see a lot of generally well meaning middle class folks protesting against the salary hikes the elected representatives gave themselves.
    Annual Salaries

    1. President of India: 1 Crore(10Million Rupees)

    2. MP( Member of Parliament): 50 L (5 Million Rupees)

    3. MLA(Member of Legislative Assembly):24L (2.4 Million Rupees)

    4. Municipal Corporaters(Metros): 12L (1.2 Million Rupees)

    5. Municipal Corporaters(2nd rung towns): 6L (600,000 Rupees)

    6. Municipal Corporaters(small towns): 3L (300,000 Rupees)

    7. Village Panchayat Members: 1.5L (150,000 Rupees)

    Pension for next 5 years after they are no longer elected representatives:

    1. MP( Member of Parliament): 25 L (2.5 Million Rupees)

    2. MLA(Member of Legislative Assembly):12L (1.2 Million Rupees)

    3. Municipal Corporaters(Metros): 6L (600,000 Rupees)

    4. Municipal Corporaters(2nd rung towns): 3L (300,000 Rupees)

    5. Municipal Corporaters(small towns): 2L (200,000 Rupees)

    6. Village Panchayat Members: 1L (100,000 Rupees)

    An additional 25% performance bonus based on ratings provided by the electors in a representatives constituency might just provide sufficient incentive to perform on measurable parameters.

    These kind of salaries might even induce politicians to shun small amounts of money as bribes.

    Apart from this state funding of elections can also go a long way in reducing corruption.

    Proposed Funding for elections can be made available in the form of reimbursement of actual expenses of top 3 candidates to upper limit of:-

    1. Parliament Elections: 50L(5Million Rupees)

    2. State Legislatures: 15L (1.5 Million Rupees)

    3. Municipal Elections(Metro): 5L ( 500,000 Rupees)

    4. Municipal Election(2nd rung towns): 2L (200,000 Rupees)

    5. Municipal Election(Small towns): 1L (100,000 Rupees)

    6. Village Panchayat Elections: 25K (25000 Rupees)

    and for next 2 candidates:-

    1. Parliament Elections: 10L (1Million Rupees)

    2. State Legislatures: 3L (300,000 Rupees)

    3. Municipal Elections(Metro): 2L (200,000 Rupees)

    4. Municipal Election(2nd rung towns): 50K(50000 Rupees)

    An environment where representatives focus on governance and don't have to worry about arranging funds for the next election and don't have to worry about living in penury(that would actually be the case if they were honest ) after they are out of elected office might actually result in students aspiring for a political career as a respectable and honourable career option.
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