Hi 2008,

I wish you a very happy birthday.Hope you will have a peaceful life thro'out the 366 days(wow,again a leap year and yuk..one more working day)

May there wont be any stampings of assassinations,bombs,pollutions on you.

May rajnikanth come out of his cage this time.

May the parliament works to its full time without any &*(%#[email protected]

Let there wont be any riots again and let the gods,goddess,godessess die and the world live with One and only God,that is humanity.

May this time boys secure more marks than girls and let there be NO politics in education and employments.

Let india and the others have a peaceful..graceful...(booooom, oh s**t,the buggers started again,it was a bomb,i lost my leg)

May everyone have a complete life from this year...welcome 2008