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Thread: How to Avoid Interview Mistakes

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    Smile Believe in Yourself...

    That’s really sounds good when these tips in forums keep you going well and made a significant change in your life. Let’s make it happen for every one who comes across this thread...

    Yes...Confidence is the key factor for every step and success in life. When you face a failure in your move, it doesn't mean that you are not capable enough of what you do but it means that you are DARING enough to move a step ahead and face the challenge with "NO FEAR"

    Belief in yourself:

    When people start trusting themselves and believe in them, analyze life well and reach great height and destination.

    If you try ... You will win....
    If you win...You will succeed...
    If you succeed then the World is yours...!!!

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    another thing i wanna add, is dont lie, be honest, some people lie to impress and it doesnt work at all

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    Default hi

    its a new technology, will hope to get bigger soon. its a good post.

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    My God. That seems quite a studied article that you have submitted. But you know, all this knowledge is quite important these days in the days where all and everywhere there is a cut throat competition. And let me add here something of my own. Well, the words are my own or may be you have heard these somewhere but I think, I should say it here now because the topic demands it and I can't help myself from saying it too. Someone has said, that at it's important to know what to write and what to say in an exam or an interview, it is also necessary to know what NOT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO SAY. And mistakes are made right there. By not knowing what not to do. And if we learn the trick of the trade, we can surely make it through.

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    For every will there is a way.........
    Choose ur path and come up in lfe .......... its ur days.....

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    That is a really nice tip. And you should test you at home if you know and can all what you need for an interview.

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    just b yourself and try not to irritate the interviewer. And there is nothing personal between you two. Try mock interviews.

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    thanks for the info...

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    thanks ror the valuable information .. i will surely help many people

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    thanks for the important information who r appearing 4 an interviw..

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