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Thread: Saif and Kareena to rock Europe after Sharjah

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    Default Saif and Kareena to rock Europe after Sharjah

    They are everywhere now - in the gossips columns, in the endorsements, at the parties, at the reality shows and rocking the concerts at various countries. The Saifeena couple gave such a successful show on August 21 at Sharjah for ‘Jashan 2008‘ in the Middle East that the Morani Brothers, the organizers are now keen on taking the duo to Europe for a series of shows.

    Mohammed Morani said,

    “The Sharjah show was extremely successful. We are now organizing a series of shows across Europe and the Middle East. Saif and Kareena have a huge fan following in these places. People throng to the stadium to watch them especially after the success of Race and Jab We Met. Also, Saif and Kareena make a wonderful pair. They are both good looking and exude power that makes the audience go ‘wow’. Saif and Kareena gave solo performances and the results are evident with the success of ‘Jashan 2008′, so we can imagine the response when the duo performs together.”

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    yeah buddy the Sharjah concert of saifeena rocks!!!!!!!!!.
    well the market is full of their rumours and gossips......

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    Saifeena!!!! Sounds cool man... Life's juss movin according to human terms likewise both of them....

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    bechara shahid

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    They born to rock.

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    from sahinaa to safeena, poor sahid, nice cool name

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    Media would be lookin for more publicity stunts..

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