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    Default Non-orphans...

    wel you may be thinking that who are these non orphans..
    [its jus a 'new word' i accidently created..(pls 4give me if u dont like it)]
    these are people alone in the crowd..
    the people who have everyone..
    father, mother , brother, acquintance...
    but no one to care them actually...
    they may be surrounded by a number of friends..
    but not a single friend cant understand his/her feeelings..
    or if he/she has a good friend..
    but the friend is busy with his/her life..
    so these fellows wont get much attention even from their good friends..
    to whom they express their feeling????
    no one is there actually..
    if someone is there, then no one is actually interested in others problems..
    wel people are busy with their own problems..
    then how can they spend time on other people's problem??!!!

    the number of such people are increasing i feel..
    so what we can do if we knew such people or if we come across such people??
    we need to give them support..
    we must be very good friend at least to our friends..
    because it is the very basic level..
    friendship must be unconditional...
    whatever be the situation.. wherever be the problem.. we must be with our friends..
    we must try to understand them..
    we must pay attention to their even silly problems..
    we must be very caring...

    so learn the goodness of friendship..
    be a good friend..get good friends..
    without friends, life in this word is unthinkable..

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    In my life I learned many things about friend. The connected world of friend, friendship, and friend networking. After twenty five (25) years then I got the full results about its world and the relevancy between friend offline and friend online. Both categories sharing the same life formula which I published on internet in 2007. The basic formula;

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    Group 3. ► Jeopardize value; Interest = Friendship - Sharing

    Very clear there how mathematical calculation does effectively works in those formulas from just one basic formula for me to indicate which friend to be classified or categorized. Last time I was thinking about to only accept for Group 1, but lately, why should I ignored the both Group 2 & 3. In fact, these two (2) groups I can also injected the value of "interest" by introducing "common interests" into their group and let them works for me in making money?

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    Thats true Jiths , when you need a friend very much , they would be either be happily enjoying their lives or would be in great troubles themselves , and most of the times , when we are maintaining true friendship and be their support during tough times , when we need a shoulder for strength, we are left alone ....

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