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    For kids studying in 6th and above, the following page will be very useful for maths homework tips.

    1. Work in pencil. I mean it! Get yourself a good mechanical pencil and a click eraser. It is very frustrating to try to do math with a dull pencil or with a pencil that has a tiny eraser. Worst of all is to try to work in ink! Even college professors do not do their math in ink! You need to be able to erase. You will find it very difficult to write anything down if you first have to be sure it is correct because it can't be erased. Writing in ink causes a mental block. Writing in pencil allows you to make mistakes (and fix them). Also, the click eraser lasts a long time and, because it is a gum eraser, it erases very cleanly without smudging your paper.

    2. Put your header on your paper. For our class, you should have your name, the date, your class period, and the assignment written in the top-right portion of the page.

    3. Copy the instructions. A common problem for math students from elementary school to college is that they memorize methods of completing problems but fail to memorize when to use each method. In algebra, especially, you cannot tell what to do to a problem by the way it looks. There might be three or four different instructions for the same type of equation. Instructions matter.

    and many more similar good tips are in the above link given

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