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Thread: Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Not working

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    Question Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Not working

    I have Microsoft wireless multimedia keyboard. It just stopped working. I changed the batteries, still not working.

    Any idea how to fix it? I have wireless mouse too, that works.

    Both wireless keyboard and wireless mouse communicate to usb adapter that comes with the set.

    any help is much appreciated.

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    Default Wireless keyboard problem - how to fix it?

    when you change the battery or use the keyboard/mouse with another PC, you need to resynchronize the keyboard and mouse with USB adapter of Microsoft wireless desktop.

    check the manual. OR you can do this. Hold the connector button in the USB adapter for 10 seconds, you must press the connection button in the keyboard at the same time.

    When you do that the keyboard will be synchronized (resynchronized) with USB adapter. your keyboard should work now.

    same goes for mouse (if that doesn;t work).

    idea is -- you have to tell the keyboard to have the same frequency as USB adapter. wireless keyboard will work ok after that.

    connector button for wireless keyboard can be found in the back of the keyboard. for USB adapter connector button is in the top, just below "Microsoft" logo.

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    if still not working then go to vendor or register complain to microsoft service center

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    Default Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse

    if inox's procedure doesn't work, try this:

    1. Move the wireless keyboard closer to the USB adapter, then press the connect channel button in the USB adapter. The lights will start flashing in USB adapter.

    2. Now, press connect channel button in the back of the wireless keyboard.

    3. Keep pressing the connect channel button in the keyboard until the flashing light in USB adapter is stopped.

    Your wireless keyboard should work now.

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    yeah, that should help

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