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Thread: Indian shares lose 7.5%

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    Thumbs down Indian shares lose 7.5%

    Indian share market dropped more than 2,000 points today. I knew this was coming for long time. (everyone says that now). markets don't go up all the time. If someone doesn't accept the market volatility, he/she shouldn't trade at all. Everybody is afraid that recession is coming to america. Many traders use margin to trade. these guys use 20 times leverage. that's too dangerous for the hot market like indian market. When the market falls, it falls like a rock in niagara falls.

    Data on the BSE Web site showed selling was so heavy that almost 50 percent of stocks had sellers but no buyers.

    "There is a liquidity squeeze right now in the market because a lot of people who had borrowed money to invest in the big IPOs have not been able to raise cash in this market," said Deepak Jasani, head of retail research at HDFC Securities.

    ok, that says everything.

    Many analysts think that market will fall even more. So, if you are in the market, hang on... ride will not be smooth.

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    Today is the saddest day for the share market ppl.Some paper put a news that about 6 lak crore is the estimated loss...:-(

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    Indian stock market is of highly volatile nature. It is also possible for market to show adverse behavior one day and resume back the very next day. Careful analysis of market is helpful in planning a wise trading strategy which is most likely to work in favor and generate required returns.

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