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Thread: McDonald's in Chennai

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    Thumbs up McDonald's in Chennai

    do u know McDonald's opened an outlet in Chennai? it's in ascendas IT park, taramani. their phone number is 044-42666022.

    i got a chance to visit there today. the food is not as good as what u get in U.S., but it's not bad. annoying thing is that it almost costs what it costs in Florida. :-(

    McChicken + fries cost around Rs. 120; they have something called "chicken maharaja" (!!!), that maharaja costs Rs. 165 if it comes with fries. it's like Big Mac of america, but u get chicken instead of beef. it's little spicy though.

    dont order cheese, that will cost you additional Rs. 10 and kind of mess up the taste.

    service is ok, americans trained our guys to smile and ask questions. normally our folks are little rude, these guys are ok. they are stingy in terms of giving out ketch up and napkins though. they gave me only two napkins in the size of 4" x 4". yes, that small! it's thicker than usual. i had to use couple of it to wipe off ketchup stains. personally, i have never seen such a small napkin.

    may be these guys figured out that indians just wash their hands before/after eating, no need for napkins and all. well, they are wrong.

    Overall, it's a ok experience. Food is ok, surroundings are ok if you don't mind sitting in a food court of an IT park. outside customers are allowed inside, but you need to park your vehicle outside the complex, sign in with the security, then you need to go to food court. that's really inconvenient for people like me. why the heck i should jump security check just to get the damn chicken burger?! ;-)

    folks in McDonald's chennai told me that they plan to open a "normal" outlet in anna nagar very soon. one is going to come up in velachery too.

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    . . . Is it so great for a McDonalds to open in Chennai. I might have not noticed it, but I think they were there when I went to Chennai.

    We have more than a tonne McDs in Delhi, and bro its Maharaja Mac and it comes not only with fries but also Pepsi.

    And they always give you too much ketchup and napkins, and then they also have those boxes where you put the extra ones.

    Maybe its the poster who is mistaken, but I am really surprised that it is a big thing if McDs opens up in Chennai.

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    actually, its a big deal in chennai b'cause there is only one mcd outlet, that too in a IT park!

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    i totally agree, the mcdonalds taste is horrible, the chicken is a soggy lump of nothing, if u really want some good taste then one should try KFC, at least they ve got flavor

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    I was waiting for long time for McD outlet in chennai
    But, yes, I was little bit disappointed in taste.
    Honestly in bangalore , it tastes better.
    Wonder why there is a difference between 2 states?

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    this mcdonalds is just ok compared to mumbai. chennai is the only city, that has only one outlet of McD. all other cities have more than 3.

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    that's a real good news for chennai residents.

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    Wonder why there is a difference between 2 states
    The chicks of both the states vary! I meant the chickens! Sorry, was just tryna be funny here Lol and no offense meant

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    Hi Mahesh0909,

    KFC is underway after this election 2009. Great Chennai with many international food outlets.
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    I dont really like Mc Donalds.. Why pay so much for vada paav ?

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