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Thread: MBA -- A good approach to move up the ladder

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    Default MBA -- A good approach to move up the ladder

    Are you an experienced professsional with aspirations to become a senior manager or an executive at a reputable company? Having an MBA degree along with technical degree would definitely help IF you meet other requirements. MBA alone will not help though. Also, it is better to emphasize on areas where you want your career to be. For instance, MBA with Financial Engineering might help with investment banking positions more than it might at standard IT jobs.

    Comments or brainstorming sessions are welcome.

    Hope this helps,

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    MBA is surely a great way to boost your carrer but the thing is shifting to a new branch as in from IT to financial engg... doesnt help everyone.

    While applying for MBA in a good university you should be very clear on why u eed an MBA and why rght now.

    I have seen so many guys getting MBA from B grade coleges and lower and returning to the job of a software engineer. so that doesn't help.

    Part time courses from syby and other institutes dont help much.

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    As IT boom is really coming down day by day, the demand for MBA degree is really going up exponentially. Also the employers are in reqt of more number of managers than the developers.Many IT companies like INFY are now in major reqt of managers.Hence MBA in a top university is considered a positive sign for career upgradation.

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    Default Doing MBA..........

    Doing MBA definitely adds up value to your resume but it is also important to see from which B-School you are doing it. Also it is not just about learning but practically applying your knowledge in a right way. As today’s scenario is that there are excess of MBA’s all around so to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd it is essential to know how to put your knowledge to proper use. So MBA degree definitely has value if you know how to use your knowledge at right place.

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    MBA is the good career option for many of the students.

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