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Thread: Are you laidoff? How to survive?

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    Default Are you laidoff? How to survive?

    The news is everywhere right now with layoffs across the board from the tech giants like Google, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Erickson, etc. to Web 2.0 startup darlings. On top of this, all banks and financial institutions take heavy toll too. If you are laid off in this situation, following are the ways to get back in the market.

    • Lower salary expectations
    • Go back to college. Learn something new. Join the healthcare related courses, you get more jobs in healthcare even in recession.
    • Learn new skills and get ready for new career
    • Lose the pride. You need some job to get by.
    • I receive lot more resumes and calls than ever in my career. Things are bad.
    • There is lot of arrogance among job seekers in India. Some people are rude even in this economic climate. Bad attitude will make the situation even worse.
    Be Happy. Just Enjoy Your Life!

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    Now everyone is depending on IT technology-so here due to global reccesion everything has become upside down. But what about one technology which is topmost of all and will never ever changes in future as well.

    Yes, that is nothing but agriculture. You might have had good experience in IT and surley company will take u as soon as everything is O.K.So Do this for a while and come back to your business once everything is alright.

    If there is no food what is the use of having computers and cars and your material equipments. No use right?

    I know that this is not really works for all but here i m insisting those who come from village. they can do it.right?

    Hare krishna....

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    I'd been laid off before., but I don't give up and I search for another job and I do best on my next job.,

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