I have a request for all members. Please do not copy and paste from other websites/articles without crediting the source of the material.

I understand that members want to discuss different news stories and articles. However, copying and pasting the entire article from another website into this forum will give the forum bad reputation. You can quote the articles or news stories, but do not copy the entire article.

Example: http://www.digitalbhoomi.in/forums/s...ad.php?t=6858; The member copied the entire story from TribuneIndia.com; I edited the post to add the source and to remove many paragraphs. Another example is http://www.digitalbhoomi.in/forums/s...ead.php?t=6857

Newspapers spend lot of time and money to come up with one article. It's not fair to copy those stories without giving credit to them.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.