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Thread: What other types of study or education would be helpful?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limra1 View Post
    since you are in scouts you will be taught many ideas and concepts in safety, learning, activities etc.,. you can start teaching that for kids
    I think prpfessional courses are helpful for you to built your career. If you study the professional courses then you don't want to depend on others.

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    There are few types of Education in India
    Formal Education, Informal Education, Special Education, Adult Education.
    If you are already done with your primary education and secondary education you can go for
    Informal Education is specialized non curriculum education outside and known systematized body. It enhance students interests within their ability to gain experience for today’s world
    Special education is instructions which supports, and provide services to students with the identified disability to meet the unique learning programmed with their needs.
    Adult education practices sustained and systematic self educating activities to find out new form of activities, practices, techniques, systems and skills
    Hope to be helpful

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