Jagapathi Babu plays a local police officer who is also a sidekick of the dreaded feudal lord (Pradeep Rawat). Babu is fearless and can take on any number of thugs and becomes Rawat's close confidant.

Babu runs a bar in his police station, apart from indulging in various crimes. He falls in love with Rakshita who has arrived from the city. After a few meetings she returns his love. But Babu is shocked to know that she is married.

You have to watch the movie to know the rest.

Babu, the popular actor who earlier impressed in family dramas like "Subhalagnam" and "Peddababu", has tried his hand at an action film this time, but a hackneyed plot has stopped him from reaching out to the masses.

Babu impresses as a rogue cop but the contrived love story mars the show in "Jagapathi".

By offering no justification for the protagonist's unruly behaviour, director J. Srinivas loses out at the beginning itself while his disjointed screenplay leaves the audience in despair.

Kannada actress Rakshita's performance as the hero's lover lacks conviction while Kanchi, who plays the other lead, reveals everything other than acting skills. Rakshita, who has featured in hits like "Idiot" and "Shivamani", lost her reigning position after putting on weight. But she makes a comeback looking better.

The comic scene by Suman Shetty and Kanchi is a complete flop.

Hindi actor Pradeep Rawat is doing stereotyped roles and is just repeating his 'Sye' act to annoying limits.

However, Sai Kiran impresses in a cameo.

Director Srinivas, who made a moderate hit with "Eduruleni Manishi", tries to rehash Sunny Deol's "Narasimha" but fails to retain the soul. His screenplay is pathetic.

National-award winning composer Keeravani belts out a loud album barring the "Saradakikadu" number.

Showing the police station as a bar and the protagonist throwing bullets out of his body by shaking his leg is a bit outrageous even for a tolerant audience.

Veteran producer Arjun Raju, who made the evergreen hit "Vetagadu", is unable to find a hit even with this film due to his poor choice of scripts. He should wait for another good script to break the jinx.