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Thread: palemnt in 3rd year..right or wrong????

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    Default placemnt in 3rd year..right or wrong????

    Now anna university has cancelled the placements for the engineering students in the pre final year and makes it available in the final year due to some reason...
    what do you all think about that???

    according to me the placement in the pre final year is the correct because this will give the time to the students who didn't get placed to find the alternative path for their future..
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    who cares???

    Only the city based colleges that too few colleges are only getting the campus interviews.
    Other colleges here are getting almost "none"...

    so why to worry about the few colleges and its new "methodology" for campus?

    The system companies follow to recruit a guy or girl itself is a bull shit i would say.

    I have wrote a thread about how tha campus interview was conducted in our college.Go check it...

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    i think campus interviews in 3rd yr is good for students...we should know our status as early as possible to think of an alternative..

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    nopes there is a reason for keeping the campus placements in final year and that is company security and availability of all term marks except last sem.

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    Companies want to make sure that the candidates they hire join them. If they give too much time to think about, candidates might change mind and go for other companies. That's one of the reasons. Many colleges worldwide follow the same procedure (of conducting campus interviews in final year).

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