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Thread: Checklist for students going to U.S.

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    Cool Checklist for students going to U.S.

    If you are going to US for further studies this spring/fall, Congratulations!

    Here is some quick checklist for you.

    Make sure to double-check the visa stamp placed by the US consulate in your passport.

    • If the visa stamp has your correct name and date of birth.
    • Whether the visa shows the correct type -- F-1, M-1 or J-1.
    • If the letter 'M' is included to 'indicate multiple entry' to the US. This will allow you to leave and return to the US after a short visit back home, or anywhere outside the country if required (for a wedding, holiday etc).
    • Whether the name of your US University is accurately indicated.

    If there is error in any of these categories, you should rush to the Visa Facilitation Services office in your city and request for the necessary change to be made from the nearest US consulate.

    Do make a few photocopies of your passport, including the page that shows the US student visa so that, in case you lose or misplace your passport, you have proof that you have been granted a US student visa.

    You may leave a couple of copies with your folks at home in India, in case of any future reference or need. In addition to your original passport, do carry a few photocopies of the relevant pages from your passport as well.

    As a student, you are allowed to carry your full US tuition fee; however, this amount should not exceed $100,000. Don’t carry this kind of amount with you when you board the plane. Some guys on the way may take some of it from you. You know what I mean?! Carry traveler’s cheques, DDs or do wire transfers after you open a bank account in your destination.

    To avoid lengthy currency exchanges at the airport, don't convert money just before your flight. Do it before hand, may be in Thomas cook like places.

    It is recommended to take $200-$300 in cash for personal use, making sure to get bills in multiple denominations. Insist on a few one-dollar bills, as you'll need them when landing in the United States for tipping and luggage carts. If you carry traveler’s cheques, put them separately in your pocket and handbag. Don’t put these cheques in checked-in luggages, they may be lost or missed. If the luggages are missed in transit, it may take many days to get it backed.

    Once you land in your college campus, make sure that you attend all the orientation sessions, meet with the student counselors and all. Don’t have high hopes that other Indian students in the campus might help you. You will be surprised to see that Americans are more willing to help. There are many recent campus tragedies in U.S. Just be safe. Know your environments, learn about locals, and just have fun!

    That’s it for the beginners. Good Luck!

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    very good checklist, indeed. what about difference is study methods between there and here....

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    any info on assistantship in MS?

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    Whats The Criterias for Financial Aid For International Students in the U.S ?
    I'm an international student from India and I'm planning to pursue undergraduate engineering degree from the U.S through SAT. What is the criteria for getting Financial Aid ? How much will I've to pay I get approved for financial aid ?

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    wow thanks for sharing such an important information with us..

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    Default Study Abroad in United States

    Thanks for sharing these useful tips for students going to study abroad in United States. Education in United States is well known and students are eager to go there because it offers good standard of education. Before going there it is important to prepare yourselves in such a way once you move to U.S. you are ready with all the essential things required to stay there.

    Thanks for sharing this Checklist for students going to U.S.

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