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    Default BPO jobs abroad

    I have experience in BPO of about 4.5 years as a agent and now i want to see growth in my carrier.In the span of 4 years i have jumped 5 companies and this thing effects my can any one suggest me as to how can i proceed next and abt what is the scope of getting a managerial post in BPO abroad.Please help me with any openings and any suggestions that can help me......
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    All BPO jobs come to India. You may not get a job abroad in BPO. You have to look for something in India.

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    You can see the classifieds for jobs in online classified sites. Classified information is reaching the people quickly. Many of the people are seeing the classifieds for buying and selling things. Classified sites having different categories to easily find the classifieds.
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    There are a lot good BPO companies abroad, just search it in the internet. In the Philippines, they have great offer.

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    I think India is biggest BPO hub with better career option, then why you are looking for abroad. I think after a more experience you should try your own BPO, that will high scale target for you

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    There are so many best classified website available in the internet for BPO jobs abroad and As per my knowledge, loudlisting is a one of the best website for BPO jobs abroad. It is very useful website for everyone.

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    I agreed to the administrator All BPO jobs come to india.. Here are some facts to consider

    The industry has been growing rapidly. It grew at a rate of 38% over 2005. For the FY06 financial year the projections is of US$7.2 billion worth of services provided by this industry. The base in terms of headcount being roughly 400,000 people directly employed in this Industry. The global BPO Industry is estimated to be worth 120-150 billion dollars, of this the offshore BPO is estimated to be some US$11.4 billion. India thus has some 5-6% share of the total Industry, but a commanding 63% share of the offshore component

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    You have good experience in this field and but you need to stay at least one year in one company otherwise it affects your career. You can easily find many BPO jobs abroad and for this you need to register on recruitment sites.

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    Yes, India has seen many BPO companies in last few years. I dont know why people are moving towards abroad for career.

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    It is nice to read your post and it is very helpful for the people who searching for the job.

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