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Thread: The worst ever song uploaded being identified by YouTube

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    Cool The worst ever song uploaded being identified by YouTube

    Hello and Hi, everybody;

    I've accomplished my silly ideas today by doing the most worse three (3) stupid tasks, I think. Firstly, I'd composed my own lyrics about or related to the current global economy slump. Secondly, tried being a great singer by singing the song with my own "frog" voice. Finally, my video about it successfully uploaded to YouTube and after waiting for about eight (8) minutes on its processing time for approval, it's done and published.

    My Provenance Link

    So, what else? am on my open card style as always, waiting for your negative comments. I'll appreciate for whatever sayings from you all about it.

    Thanks in advance, everybody and have your nice day!.

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    i was really dissapointed as because i do not have a head phone to listen..sooooooooo i''ll give opinion may be someother day

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    Hi ramesh.

    ....hahahaha! you so truly ramesh....kah! kah! kah!...ya ya ya..OK thanks for your nice dropping by with some hilarious note....I enjoy it with big smiles, Cheers! ramesh.
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