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Thread: Happy Days

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    This is one of the best movy in recent movy's... watched it couple of times and the music was excellent too...shekarkamulla is the best director at present.

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    Am surprised manisha you have watched 100 times happy days movie very good. that was great movie even i have seen many time but not 100 times you overtaken me

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    I'm very surprised by not finding this name's every youngster's fav...i don't know much of telugu but still have seen it 100 times's about a group of 6 frnds all engg students...this movie taught me the definition of frndship all over again...i'll suggest this to all, including non-telugu knowing people...esp collg students...

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    Yeah it was a good movie which describes the definition of friendship.the music was awesome and it is a pleasant movie.

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