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Thread: UK plan to boost electric car sales

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    Arrow UK plan to boost electric car sales

    Motorists will be offered subsidies of up to £5,000 to encourage them to buy electric and hybrid cars under government plans.


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    Now, I don't care about other country in this area of vehicle development. What I want to hear that, TATA able to produce a great cell/solar car and be the largest exporter to other countries. Actually, many of scientists working abroad. Not their mistake or any sort of weakness, but the government unable to provide them many incentives as they enjoyed in foreign countries.

    One of the new India government big plan is to bring them back home to India. You know why? Through their many inventions in this area of productive economy, it can create more jobs to Indian and able to uplift the auto-industry to its own vista point and making India the largest cell/solar power vehicle. Not just the solar study lite.

    We can refer to Japan and Japanese, how did grew up their economy and win back over USA in term of economy scale after Hiroshima nuclear bombing. When did they do? Their auto industry rammed into seven (7) continents in this world. Look in Africa, what brand of car do Africans used? Majority used Japanese cars.

    Similar to India, don't let China lead the way in this area of economy development. China will be invested on JV basis in Kolkata this year, so ~ it is the right time to produce compact cell/electric/solar car under India label. Malaysia already done this way of history by using Mitsubishi technology to produce their first national car in 1985. I don't see why India cannot implement much better than Malaysia.
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    I have learnt and experienced that TATA is not a only a company but a brand known for quality and trust with which a consumer is bonded for years and than forever. Tata has always designed fuel efficient cars and is also doing research in order to make a solar car. Yet Indigo ECS its compact sedan car is the one that gives a sedan experience .

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