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    After much waiting, the magnum opus project of MT- Hariharan-Mammootty team ‘Pazhassi Raja’ will be released in 130 centres across Kerala tomorrow. Starting from the Kerala Government to the local movie fans, the whole of Kerala have already prepared itself to be at the show at the earliest and to receive the greatest films of the times with great cheer and celebration. The State Govt has exempted the film from entertainment tax considering its historic value. Meanwhile the various fans associations of the star state wide, are on different plans to welcome the grandest affair on Mollywood screen. The huge cutouts of the stars are already before the theatres which has charted the movie for tomorrow. In many district headquarters the prints will be received with Panchavadhyam, Sinkari Melam, sweet distributions and vehicle rallies. While the fans has already planned a five day long welcome celebration at Ernakulam where the movie will be released in three centres, the first day viewers at Thrissur will all wear white attires and badges printed with the stars photo. In Kollam city alone 100 flux boards of the star are erected at all various important venues.

    The Tamil version of the movie will be released on October 30. The English, Hindi and Telugu versions of the movie which are also ready will be released later, this year. The movie which was originally at a length of three and a half hours was cut short to three hours to ensure it as a fast moving film, that will interest every type of viewers. I am sure that this visual splendor made at 26 crores will be accepted by the Malayalee viewers say the producer of the movie, Gokulam Gopalan of the Gokulam films.

    The historical which also present a true love story of ‘Pazhassi Raja’ with Kaitheri Maakkam will give further lights to the first ever Indian freedom fight against the British, led by Pazhassi with the support of Kaitheri Ambu, Edachena Kungan, Thalakkal Chandu and many other brave men. While superstar Mammootty dons the role of ‘Pazhassi Raja’ and Kanika dons the role of Maakam. Tamil super star Sarath Kumar debuts in Mollywood playing the role of Edachena Kungan. Telugu- Kannada actor Suman dons the role of Pazhyaveedan Chandu who is the villain. Thilakan dons the role of Kurubranad King who stood against ‘Pazhassi Raja’. Jagathy Sree Kumar dons the role of Kannara Menon, who was an employee of British Government. While Manoj K Jayan dons the role of Chandu, the leader of Kuruchiar fighters, Padmapriya is Chandu's wife Neeli. Suresh Krishna appaears as Kaitheri Ambu. 'Pazhassi Raja' which was shot at Kannur, Thalasseri, Neelishvaram, Chennai, Kudagu, Madikeri, Mysore and Mannarkad also features many British, German and Mumbai based actors.

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    thanks a lot

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