Actress Nadia Moidu, after returning from the US, has now made her mind to go and get the roles that she wants instead of waiting for them to fall on her lap. Even if there are no roles coming her way she has decided to do something about it.

After taking on the role of a Jayam Ravi's young mother in M Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi, she was acted in Thamirabarani, the Tamil film. After that she has not been in sight. But the rumour mills say that she has bagged roles in two Tamil films (not lead roles but roles nevertheless).

So far her total confirmed tally of films is three- Kaalai with Simbu and two more with directors Shakti Chidambaram and Perarasu each. It seems that since no one wants her in their films she has decided to take up actor Simbu's offer. But isn't he in the same condition career wise. Sometime back gossip made its way tinsel town that none of the top heroines agreed to act with him. Finally Trisha gave in and accepted.

Well, it seems that Nadia is making the most of times.