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Old 08-04-10, 06:37 PM   #1
kfsahiwala's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Mumbai
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Talking The role of festival in our life.

I have seen people gives a lot of importance to one religion. They become very pious, true, generous at the time of feast. when feast goes they again restore to their original life which is full of bias and corupt.

Why it is like so you tend to become generous and good only at the time of festival why not to your entire life. Religion always shows the true path to follow throughout to ones life and festival is an impact to put in to practice those path. Here it is only temporary phase of those path when it goes, every thing will be forgotten. People like to live in dust since they are corrupted, Corrupted in the sense that they become selfish, greedy, anguish, arrogant,bewildered and anarchy in their approach by fighting with each other to get their hand always on the top, for that they become thirsty of their own blood by killing their own brothers and sisters and tends to put dispute in the society.

News always come for the politicians fighting for their seats and trying to pull down thier competitors by showing their greatness. People are holding their job and business only for profits. Life has become corrupted and exploited in the hands of richer towards poorer. Poverty is taking place to a larger extent and the gap between the rich and poor has been widening. When festival comes people becomes sober and soft in their daily doings by givings alms, donations and serving the mankind. If this great good acts has been put in to practice then the slavery from this world will go and everybody will lead a peaceful life.

Try to make your life with all days of festival, then festival would not be at all there in our country like INDIA.
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Old 09-04-10, 01:19 AM   #2
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shruthisunil's Avatar
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Location: Dallas
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Role of festival in our life----
Very interesting topic. I can say after being away from India, these festivals have played very vital role for us in US.Back home i see my mom suffering during festivals. she gets up early in the morning to do pooja and makes wide varieties of feast (naivedyam) for pooja. Priest will be more busy on those days, so she had to book priest very early who comes and delivers pooja at home. After pooja she ll be over busy in the kitchen.

So, this is what actually real festival in India where i see mom actually suffering than in festive mood.

But there are so many things that we miss here in US when there are any festivals. You tend to miss when it is not there. SO we try to celebrate more often and more religiously.

I remember celebrating my Managala gowri vratham in US in 2008. It was so overwhelming. I called all my friends for Harshina kumkum, prasadham. It was completely a different experience celebrating that festival.

Somehow i enjoyed clebrating festivals here in US than in India. Let it be diwali or Independence day. it has some kind of Missing Indian tinge and you tend to celebrate more effectively.
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