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Digital Bhoomi provides web services by which you can save or earn lot of money -- if you know how to use it correctly. Let us assume that you own a house and want to rent it out. Traditionally you call the local newspaper and place an advertisement in the classified section. This advertisement may run for a week or two, which may cost you around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 30,000 depends on the area and the newspaper. You also have the option of handing over the job to a real estate agent; he will find the tenant for you. But, that is also going to cost you money, probably one month rent. 

Instead of spending money like this every time you rent your house or apartment, you can place your advertisement in Digital Bhoomi for no-charge. Our site has hundreds of visitors everyday. One of them may be interested in your property. You get a good tenant, he gets the good house, no one pays any commission to any one. This is as good as it gets! 

You can also buy or sell houses, lands, commercial properties in the similar manner. Your hard earned money is yours. That doesn't belong to a real-estate agent. 

     If you are not looking for house or apartment, you can still benefit from Digital Bhoomi. You may have 2001 Hyundai Santro, you may want to trade that for 2006 Toyota Carolla. If you sell your Santro to a car dealer, he will buy your car for lower price so that he can sell it with good margin. If you put an advertisement under "Classifieds - Automobiles" section in Digital Bhoomi, you can sell the car for better price within days for no commission! One of our visitors may be interested in your car, let him/her visit your house/office, test-drive the car and seal the transaction! Make sure that you upload the picture of your car to attract the buyers. Picture uploading is also free in Digital Bhoomi!

     If you want to buy a car or any other item, Digital Bhoomi is the place to go. You can view all the items available for sale in your area. You can visit the seller's place, inspect the items and buy it if you are satisfied. If you buy the products thru e-commerce sites or internet auction sites there is always a chance for fraud. Most of these sites advertise "We guarantee that your money will be refunded if there is a fraud". But, when you actually claim your money due to fraud, you need to jump thru so many hurdles to get your money back. Digital Bhoomi eliminates the fraud. You don't send the money to strangers and wait for the items to show up. Digital Bhoomi helps you to find the products in the area where you live. So, it may be a 5 minute walk or 15 minutes bike ride to the seller's place. You inspect the product and you buy it only if you are satisfied with the product and the seller. E-commerce fraud is completely eliminated in this situation. 

     To view all the categories available for sale, please click the "Classifieds" link in your city's home page in Digital Bhoomi. 

     You can also list the jobs available in your company so that you get the bright candidates to move your company forward. If you are a job seeker, you can find excellent job listings available in your area. We work really hard to make sure that there are no spams or work-from-home scams in our site. If you want to post your resume, just make sure that you post your resume under "Jobs-Wanted". If you post your resume under other job categories it creates lot of clutter, job seekers don't want to see your resume when they search for a job.

     We also have personals section in our site. You can search for a bride or groom. You can save money by avoiding newspapers and subscription based matrimonial sites. 

     Whatever you do, Digital Bhoomi is here to save you money and time! If you want to know how to post an advertisement please click this link. This link has all the details. If you think that this help link doesn't help you, please send an email to [email protected] , we will make sure that you will get the answer within one business day. 

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If you want more details about buying and selling products using Digital Bhoomi, please click here.

If you are a business person or an entrepreneur, you can use Digital Bhoomi to improve your profits. Click here to learn more.

Thank you for using Digital Bhoomi!

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